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Performance Team Program

Performance Teams enable students to work as a team, make friends, work towards a goal, further extend their dance technique and be presented with greater performance opportunities such as community performances and eisteddfod competitions. Students who partake in our Performance Team program have a love for dance and performance!

Performance Teams are by invitation and are on offer for students from age 5 and above (Prep). Students are required to develop and hold a strong level of technique and performance skills. A minimum of 2 x technique style classes are compulsory for all performance team students as well as annual Summer Workshop intensives. Students are required to have excellent class attendance, grooming and punctuality at performances. 

What do we offer?

6 and under team

8 and under team

10 and under team

12 and under team

15 and under team

Students in our performance team program have previously performed with:

  • Brisbane City Youth Ballet

  • Harvest Rain Theatre Company 

  • UP Agency Lord Mayor's Christmas Carols 

  • Universal Studios, Hollywood

  • Disneyland, California.

Performance Team Program

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