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Classical Extension Program

Our boutique Classical Extension Program is designed for young dancers aged 7 - 13 years who have a strong passion for classical ballet.

7 - 13 years old

The Radiance Classical Extension Program is a boutique program designed to carefully nurture and guide each student to reach their full potential. With strict class sizing our program provides one on one tution and the ability to fully extend and challenge our classical ballet students. We proudly teach the Vaganova method which is the chosen method by most full-time schools and professional companies around the world.

Program Teachers:

  • Miss Bonnie Ross (Studio Director) ARAD 

  • Miss Lucy Christodoulou (Past Australian Ballet School and Queensland Ballet Company Dancer)

  • Miss Marie-Claire D'Lyse (Past Vienna State Opera and San Francisco Ballet dancer) 

  • Miss Rebecca Chilvers-French (PBT)

Program levels:

  • Petite Classical Extension - 7-9 years (1 hour lesson)

  • Classical Extension - 10-13 years (1.25 hour lesson)

Further performance opportunities for students will be offered throughout the year. As well as exposure to guest teachers and industry experts. 

Program classes include: 

  • Classical Ballet open technique classes 

  • Classical Ballet Vaganova technique classes (ACB)

  • Character/Mime/Repertoire 

  • Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

  • Pilates for dance classes.

What is Vaganova and Australian Conservatoire of Ballet? 

The outdated ballet traditions of the early 1900’s led the ballerina Agrippina J. Vaganova to create her own system of classical dance. By combining elements of the French, Italian (Cecchetti) and Russian ballet schools, and developing them further, she reached a highly detailed theory of dance movement. 

Today, Vaganova is the chosen method by most professional companies around the world.

Australian ballerina Christine Walsh AM, has developed the ACB (Australian Conservatoire of Ballet) training and assessment program, adapting the original 8-year full-time Vaganova method, to become a 12-year program meeting the needs of classical ballet students unable to take full-time dance training from an early age. The ACB emphasizes correct placement, dynamics and an outstanding performance quality. The program also develops a positive attitude towards dance training and is an excellent progression for students who wish to persue dance as a professional career. 

Program students have successfully auditioned for the following programs/productions;

  • Australian Ballet School Interstate Program

  • Queensland Ballet Junior Program

  • Brisbane City Youth Ballet (2018,2019,2021,2022,2023)

  • Australian Classical Grand Prix Finalist

  • Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge semi-finalist

 New students to Radiance are invited to audition by consultation with the Studio Director. 

Classical Extension Program

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