Tiny Tot Program




It’s never too early to start dancing! You might have noticed your child has already started on their own, so why not enrol them in our Tiny Tot program?

Radiance is thrilled to offer the Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers Early Childhood dance program. Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers is Queensland Ballet’s early years dance program for children aged 1-5 years. The 10-week courses are structured to enable children of similar stages in physical, emotional and cognitive development to develop a range of skills through real-world lesson themes, enhanced by the magic of ballet. QB Petit Pointers lessons are set within a framework of storytelling, exploration and artistic play. 

We adore the Under 5 age group here at Radiance and pride ourselves on delivering fun, imaginative and exciting dance classes for this age group to enjoy. Our Mummy/Daddy & Me classes are designed for our tiniest dancers aged 18 months - 2.5 years and focus on developing co-ordination, confidence and a love for movement. Our Tiny Tot classes are suitable for ages 2.5 to 5 years and promote independence, confidence and imagination. Once students turn 5 they are able to progress into our specially created Prep classes which bridge them into our Junior school. 
We offer a range of classes for this age group:
  • Mummy/Daddy and Me (18 months)
  • Tiny Tot Ballet (2.5 - 5 years)
  • Tiny Tot Jazz (2.5 - 5 years)
  • Tiny Tot Acrobatics (2.5 - 5 years)
  • Tiny Tot Combo (Ballet & Jazz) in 1 class (2.5 - 5 years)
How much are classes?
30 minute lessons = $145 per term 
45 minute lessons = $165 per term 
NB: All enrolments attract a $45 membership fee to cover class props, class equipment, music licensing and insurances. 
Why are we so passionate about early childhood dance?
The benefits of dance are wonderful for children of all ages however, especially for pre-school aged children! Check out our latest article with Brisbane Mums Group discussing the benefits and importance of dance and movement 
Our Beliefs regarding Parent Viewing?
We welcome parents into the studio to assist your little one to settle into the new environment at the beginning of their trial lesson. Thereafter, we encourage parents to wait in our beautiful family friendly courtyard or pop up the road for a coffee! For young children to focus and participate to their full extent in a dance class they require minimal distraction. We promote confidence and independence in our little dancers and you will be amazed at their growth in just a few weeks! You won’t be far away if you are needed and we guarantee your child will be overjoyed coming out of class to show you their sticker and tell you all the wonderful things they have learnt! 
What to wear?
Your child is encouraged to wear any comfortable non-restrictive clothing. No uniforms are required for this age group. Ballet shoes can be purchased from Sue's Shop Carina or Ditto Dancewear Chermside!
Studio Locations?
Our Tiny Tot program classes run out of two studios:
Holland Park Studio - 31 Roscoe Street 
Wilston Studio - 187 Wilston Road (Grange Community Hall)
Watching weeks occur at the end of Term 2 and Term 4 for Tiny Tot Combo families with Term 4 being a special "in-class concert". Tiny Tot Ballet, Jazz and Acro classes (Monday afternoon and Saturday morning) are eligible to participate in our end of year concert in November. 
How to enrol? 
Fill out a 2021 Enrolment form to secure your child's spot in our Tiny Tot classes. 
Our classes are capped so please book early to avoid disappointment. 
We look forward to welcoming you and your little one into our dance family! 




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