Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. It is a disciplined genre of dance focusing on moving lyrically and gracefully to music. A wonderful way to feel like a princess for our younger students and a technically demanding style for advanced students. We offer Pre-pointe programs for students 11+ who wish to further their ballet training en pointe.  Students are carefully guided through this transition by the Radiance ballet teachers. All Ballet students from Prep through to Seniors sit exams annually to continue development and further their knowledge of the C.S.T.D syllabus. 


Jazz is an energetic, fun genre which uses popular music, while learning technique and building strength and co-ordination. Jazz is upbeat and high energy! Our most popular style here at Radiance - come and join in the fun of grooving those hips to the music! Students follow the C.S.T.D and International dance technique (I.D.T) syllabus


Tap classes aim to develop rhythm, coordination and fast, intricate foot work. We provide a good mix of technical tap work and freestyle movements throughout each class. Tap is all about making noise with those feet! Students follow the C.S.T.D syllabus. 


Radiance Hip Hop classes are a mix of urban street funk and the basics of hiphop; popping, locking and tutting. We offer Hip Hop Crew classes for ages 6+. Classes are high energy, upbeat and fun! HipHop is popular with boys and girls at Radiance!


Acrobatics is the performance of balance, agility and motor co-ordination. Lots of fun and combines the two genres of dance and gymnastics. We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus which is an international training program for Acrobatic dance. Our certified teachers guide our students to further their acrobatic skills and technique across the 12 level training program. Acrobatics classes are strictly capped to ensure individual attention is given to each student. Great for strength and flexibility! We offer Acrobatics classes from 2.5 yrs +. 


Contemporary dance is an encompassing emotive style which incorporates floor work, partner work, acrobatics and abstract ideals. 

Lyrical dance is characterized  by fluidity and grace as well as showcasing the emotional spirit of the music. Lyrical also places strong focus on flexibility technique.

Both styles combine Ballet/Jazz technique.  


Theatre combines Dance and Acting into one! Lots of fun, and builds confidence. Our Theatre classes are semi private lessons to ensure your child gets maximum attention in this special genre. Be prepared to act and dance and delve into the world of Musicals and Broadway!

Boys Classes!

We have many boys dancing at Radiance!! We offer Hiphop classes and these classes are taken by a male instructor and are best suited to ages 6+yrs. Boys also enjoy Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Jazz/HipHop. 

Musical Theatre!

We offer group and private singing classes. at Radiance Miss Mel directs our all singing classes and each student is nurtured and supported to be the best singer/performer they can be. Students work towards mastering their singing skills and learning repertoire from various musicals incorporating dance and acting.  Think Broadway and theatre! 




SB1 (22)
PT (13)
TTB (5)